Hold Your Tongue And Silence Will Speak For You

“Hold your tongue and silence will speak for you.”  k5vdevhycgzi2hswiz6726ex3w897b

Not sure who originally said this, but I do know a lot of people who talk too much.  Here’s another one: “Silence is Golden.”  I don’t who wrote this one, but I do know a lot of people who can’t stand silence.  But why and is there a negative consequence for not knowing or practicing silence?

Of course we know its pretty damn hard to sleep without silence and we get a lot of benefits from sleeping, so there’s that, but what about in conversation?  When someone accuses you of something clearly out of the realm of reality do you overreact?

I like the story I wrote about in another blog regarding the monk who was falsely accused of knocking up the butchers daughter.  When confronted by the parents of the pregnant girl he was for the most part silent and simply said: “Is that so.”  And when they delivered the baby for him to take care of again he was non reactive and mostly silent.  And later on when the daughter confessed it wasn’t the monk and they went to pick up the baby he again simply said: “Is that so.”

Silence is a powerful way to communicate, it says: “I’m calm, I”m confident and I know the justice will be served”.   Try it next time you are pushed into a corner.  If anything just pause and step back to reflect for a few seconds or even minutes.

Wednesday Wisdom #37
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Trick The Trickster – Hidden Secret To Success!

Today on my Birthday I thought I’d write on some Wednesday Wisdom that really makes a difference and could be “Trick The Trickster and Ye Shall Find The Hidden Secret To Success!”

What does this mean… trick the trickster.  I first heard this from Robert Bly in a men’s conference where they were talking about the symbolism of the Russian tale “The Firebird.”  Great story about traveling to the end of the planet and the bottom of the ocean to achieve your dream, which in this case was winning the princess Vasalisa.

Well in the music business we find all kinds of tricksters, its like a plague in the business.  Like the booking agents at smaller venues who ask you to pay them to come play at their establishment and while your spending hours rehearsing for the gig don’t forget to make those flyers and promote your ass off and bring us customers.  My trick to these tricksters is simply to trick them into thinking they are cool and watching them drown in their problems from pissed off clients.

But what about the numnutz who run these highly read review magazines who won’t even talk to you unless you have a major label behind you and $1 million in advertising budget.  I say oh… hey thanks for the review from your magazine that I just wrote for you but gave you credit.   Yeah, sometimes you gotta trick the trickster to get ahead.  Just as long as you aren’t hurting anyone and its for the greater good go for it!  How can you trick the trickster in your life.


Wednesday Wisdom #36
Every Wednesday I post a killer quote to keep you at the top of your game!

Life Doesn’t Happen To You – Life Happens For You – Tony Robbins

Life Doesn’t Happen To You – Life Happens For You! – Tony Robbinsrobbins

While popularized by Tony Robbins, this quote is really based on empowering philosophies like Buddhism and date back several thousand years. What does it mean?

The best description I ever heard was from Josai Toda a world leader for peace who rose to lead the value creating society in Japan post WWII. I’ll paraphrase but he said something to the effect of: “Life is like a play, you chose the role you are playing in order to expand and grow.” And of course expansion and growth are the only true ways to experience deep joy in life.

So the next time you experience a challenging situation, rather than asking why this is happening, think about how this is happening for you, what is the lesson that will expand your capacity.

Wednesday Wisdom #35
Every Wednesday I post a killer quote to keep you at the top of your game!