How To Get Rid Of Fear – The Most Simple Solution Ever Created

Many people have said there are two emotions in life, fear and love. If you are wondering how to get rid of fear this gives us an indication of where to look. If love is the opposite of fear then we need to look into love a little deeper.

Love can be for many things including your family, friends or your pets, but in this case, the most important love is self-love. Self-love is being able to look in the mirror and say I love you and have it resonate comfortably. Now, this isn’t some easy task, in fact, most of my clients have a major challenge doing this, it’s their Achilles’ heel. The problem is, loving yourself is a process, which takes years of practice with the right tools and strategies, which are taught in my Triad of Confidence program.

One of the other areas we can look to when speaking of love is your love for others. When you see someone in society who is suffering do you have compassion for them? And when you see someone who is succeeding in society do you resent them?

By resenting someone who is successful we can see a reflection of our own belief about ourselves. Which again is a lack of self-love. If we relate this to fear we can see that the fear comes from your belief created somewhere in your past that you are not good enough. While this may have come from poor parental conditioning, at some point when our parents are no longer an influence in our lives, we will either choose to recondition this belief or allow society to impose its negative conditioning and reinforce this disempowering belief.

One of the simplest exercises you can possibly do to get rid of fear is to simply think about the worst-case scenario in a situation where you’re feeling fearful. So for instance if you are going to a job interview or if your man and you are trying to approach a beautiful woman you can simply imagine the worst case scenario prior to taking action.

So in the job interview scenario, the worst-case scenario might be that they simply say: “No sorry you’re not qualified.” This obviously means that you’re going to live another day and it won’t be a big deal. So if you can imagine this before you go into the interview, chances are you’ll have much more confidence.

The same thing applies to the dating situation. If you imagine that the worst thing a woman will say to you is sorry I got to leave or maybe she just looks away, then if you imagine this prior to approaching you’ll already have known she was going to do it and it won’t even phase you.

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How to Improve Self Esteem with Self Love

When it comes to interpersonal Communication nothing can be more challenging when you lack self-confidence. What’s interesting about interpersonal communication is that it challenges us to face our own insecurities. Psychologically speaking we’ve heard of the term called projection. This is when someone accuses you of doing something, but they’re actually doing it to you. For example, I had a girlfriend who used to get really drunk mostly on the weekend (Thank God) and behave like a crazed person. One night when I tried to embrace her and take her home she called me a crazy monster. But nothing could have been further from the truth. She was merely projecting what she felt about herself on me.

If you lack self-confidence at a time when someone is projecting on you, then chances are you will take it personally. But on the flipside, if you know how to become confident, you will most likely not react and notice this is simply a projection from someone who is very insecure about themselves.

Of course, the big challenge here is how to improve your self-esteem and build your confidence. This is not such an easy task. The challenges lie deep within our belief systems created over decades of time where we have been conditioned to think and believe certain things based on our previous experience. Obviously, it took a long time to create negative anchors and disempowering beliefs and it will accordingly take a good chunk of time to reverse those.

Part and parcel to becoming more confident is self-love. If you think about it, when you really love yourself you won’t need to lash out against others and when someone lashes out at you, you’ll find it perplexing or perhaps even odd. One simple tool to use in building self-love is to take a few minutes to look in the mirror and tell yourself, “I love you (Your name)” over and over until it starts to resonate out of the discomfort zone and into the feel-good zone. Of course, this may sound ridiculous, but… It works! Try it and see for yourself.


How to Boost Confidence with The Domino Strategy

Excerpts are taken from The Triad of Unbreakable Confidence

“Even the largest avalanche is triggered by small things.” – Vernor Vinge (American science fiction author)

“Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.” – George Eliot (novelist, poet, journalist, translator and one of the leading writers of the Victorian era)

Similar to the game “Dominos”, The Domino Strategy shows how a very small amount of energy can be converted into something 1,000 times or even a billion times larger.

For example, a scientist demonstrated with only 13 dominoes, how he could create two billion times amplification in energy. The first domino was just 5 millimeters tall, but the 13th Domino, the largest, weighed 100 pounds and was more than a meter tall.  If he added 16 more dominoes, there would be enough force to knock over the Empire State Building.

Starting small using the domino effect translates into gaining massive results in every area of life including wealth, health, and relationships and has been responsible for some of the greatest fortunes ever built in history. Start small and resist the temptation to go big or you will end up at home on the couch defeated, literally!

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Fools multiply when wise men are silent

“Fools multiply when wise men are silent.” Nelson Mandela

Ship of Fools by David Goodrich

When was the last time you spoke up against something you knew was wrong?  Can you remember?

I recently watched a video on the most massive cover up by the military industrial complex in history called Unacknowledged with Dr Stephen Grier.  The film is about the cover up of alien presence on earth and how ridiculous it is that the government has gone to extreme lengths to cover it up, when there is ZERO evidence that aliens propose a threat.  In fact, the opposite is true, that the aliens who have visited are here to actually protect us from ourselves and potential mass extinction with nuclear weapons.  If you don’t believe me just watch the documentary.

The most interesting thing in the whole film was what Dr. Grier said about these people he spoke to who were high ranking officials in military and government who were all supposedly trying to solve the problem.  They were all super pussies!  Yeah, basically none of these people had the balls/ovaries or the confidence to stand up and stop this ridiculous cover up that we pour roughly 50 billion dollars into every year, which we could be using to solve poverty and pollution.  Instead our world, (predominantly the USA) is overrun by fools, clearly evidenced in the guy at the top “Chump.”

For histories sake and for your own peace of mind, don’t be one of these jokers.  Learn how to be more confident and never take sh*t from anyone ever again with The Triad of Unbreakable Confidence.  Available in our store now.

Fake it Till You Make It – Just A Bunch Of Hype?

Excerpts taken from the book“The Triad Of Unbreakable Confidence”

Do you ever feel really awkward when trying something new or trying to act confident when you really just feel discouraged, depressed or let down? If this rings a bell, you may appreciate this tool’s ability to help refocus your attention effectively in minutes.

Several studies like the famous Smile Study published by the University of Berkeley have proven unequivocally that when you simply fake doing something that feels unnatural, but is good for you, it eventually becomes natural and results in positive outcomes.

According to the study, patients who were diagnosed as “clinically depressed” were instructed to sit in front of a three-way mirror and fake a smile from ear to ear for 4 weeks, 20 minutes per day. At the end of the study no one needed medication and not one patient could say that they were still depressed.

So what’s happening here? Basically, if you fake something long enough, the old neural connections, which made you fearful, will break off and die while new empowering memory associations will take over. Ultimately if you fake being more confident, you will become what you once thought you were faking, “more confident” and as a result attract more women.

Want more proof? Amy Cuddy, a social psychologist who teaches at Harvard Business School has proven scientifically how faking something as simple as power posing increases testosterone, lowers cortisol and makes you more confident.

If you’re unfamiliar with it, Power Posing is basically just making yourself bigger by physically taking up more space. Here are some examples of power posing:

  • Hold your hands over your head like you just won the main event at the Olympics.
  • Stand tall with your hands on your hips with elbows flaring out like Superman.
  • Sit with your legs open and your hands interlaced behind your head, elbows flaring out.

All of these poses increase testosterone, lower cortisol and make you more confident. So what’s happening here? Similar to the animal kingdom where a snake or a bear will rise up and make itself larger to fend off a threat, we too can display these signs of confidence not only in dangerous situations but in situations where a potential mate needs to see that you are a confident and worthy mate.

Cuddy became interested in the study of how faking something can create successful results when she herself experienced a traumatic accident as a young lady and was thrown from a car, which resulted in brain damage. Previous to the accident, she had been called “a gifted child student” and completely lost her identity when her IQ dropped several points after the accident. After battling back she got into Princeton University on the recommendation of what she calls an “angel advisor,” but came to a crossroads when asked to give her first presentation to a small audience of 20 people.

Feeling as if she was an unworthy imposter and certain she would fail, Amy went to her advisor who took a chance on her and told her she was going to quit. Her advisor quipped back: “You are not quitting because I took a gamble on you and you’re staying. You’re gonna stay and this is what you’re going to do. You are gonna fake it, you’re gonna do every talk that you’re ever asked to do. You’re gonna do it, and do it, and do it even if you’re terrified and just paralyzed and having an out of body experience, until you have this moment when you say oh my gosh, I’m actually doing it, I have become this, I am actually doing this.”

Of course you can guess what happened next. Cuddy faked it until she became it and next thing we know she’s teaching at Harvard Business School, doing a Ted Talk now viewed by over 40 million people. Pretty inspiring right? Basically, her conclusions of her studies of faking something until you become it were this:

“Our bodies change our minds and our minds can change our behavior and our behavior changes our outcomes.”

She also discovered that faking power poses makes people more “assertive, confident and comfortable vs. those who did the opposite by shrinking and became highly reactive. Of course she also found with no surprise that the best leaders have high testosterone and low cortisol (low reaction to stress).  Here is the video below:

Excerpts taken from the book “The Triad Of Unbreakable Confidence”